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Extensive experience in production allocation both offshore and onshore. Broad range of services including commercial consulting & process handling agreements to the design and build of production allocation systems. Systems can be built independently or seamlessly integrated into an existing enterprise.

Measurement and Sampling Analytics

Varying solutions around fluid compositional validation and analysis and material balance on large and complex production and processing systems. Evaluation of compositions using phase behavior. Effective identification and resolution of complex imbalance issues.

Process Simulation Modeling

Unique approach in the industry by designing and building automated process simulation models specific to the fields production process. This allows for highly accurate, defensible, repeatable, and auditable production allocation systems.

Phase Behavior

We excel in our knowledge and understanding of phase behavior of hydrocarbon fluids and often apply this to our work. We develop  simulation models and/or equations of state to accurately emulate the physical conditions in order to determine important physical properties such as density, shrink, flash. 



Hydrocarbon Engineering is  a highly specialized independent engineering and consulting firm specializing in the measurement, phase behavior, fluid characterization, and quantification and distribution of hydrocarbon fluids.

We assist organizations in technically understanding their fluids and the changes  that occur from receipt to delivery point. We excel at problem solving and balancing the most complex systems and operations molecule by molecule. We employ a diverse skill set that understands the oil and gas value chain from wellhead to final sales point post production, commingling, processing, treating, storage, and transportation. 

We maintain a unique position in the industry that can understand and assist organizations with converting measurement and production data into financial data. 




Our passion is problem solving and it starts with data. We apply unique engineering methods to diagnose the most complex issues.


We utilize various tools to assist in validating and understanding measurement and production data. This information is used to diagnose issues. 


Custom solutions unique to the exact operation and fluids. Often times this means developing a process simulation model to measure commingling effects of dissimilar fluids. 


We engineer solutions for our clients. Whether it be the development of complex algorithms for phase behavior or building a validation tool for sample compositions. 






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